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The Collection.Extensive and Inspirational

The Montague Collection is an extensive collection of books, augmented by movie posters, films, paintings, photographs, magazines, minstrel posters, correspondence, playbills, advertising programs, press clippings, scrap books, cancelled checks, prints, engravings, dolls, toys, comic books, and scores of other artifacts.  It includes folk paintings by Clementine Hunter and Sister Gertrude Morgan and a rare painting by George Washington Carver.  This collection holds the power to inspire millions to greater academic achievement and create an educational renaissance in America.

The Montague Collection speaks to more than three hundred years of the black experience in America – truly a suitable resource of immense educational value and testimony to America’s diverse and dynamic culture. This collection is unparalleled in its rich historic content. Thousands of books, periodicals, slave documents, pamphlets, newspapers and ephemera recording the historical experience of the “race” throughout the world exemplify the scholarly value of the collection. Never before has any individual collection provided such an insight into the telling of one of America’s greatest stories.

This collection was amassed over a period of over 50 years and is the culmination of the life work of Magnificent Montague (his life story is told in his autobiography, Burn Baby! Burn!) and his wife Rose as a result of their joint obsession with African American history and their extensive world travels. Great pains have been incurred to keep this collection intact to tell America’s story of the rich history, accomplishments and contributions of African Americans and the journey of the black experience in America.

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